Do Contractors Charge PST?

How do I get my PST back?

If you have paid PST in error or have overpaid PST you may be eligible for a refund of the tax.

You may claim a refund by requesting a refund from your supplier or by applying to the Ministry of Finance..

Do contractors charge PST in BC?

When you’re a contractor, you pay the PST on any taxable goods you use to fulfil a contract and you generally don’t charge your customer the PST. … You sell them goods but you don’t install the goods. You sell them goods and install the goods, but the goods don’t become part of a building or land.

Do you charge GST and PST on Labour?

GST and HST charges are made on both the labour and the cost of materials.

Do contractors charge PST in Manitoba?

Overview. In addition to the 5-percent Goods and Services Tax (GST), any contract labor done on tangible personal property in Manitoba is subject to an 8-percent Retail Sales Tax (RST). This includes everything from fixing a computer to installing a new roof.

Is there PST on services?

Generally, goods such as basic groceries, prescription drugs, and healthcare services are exempt from both federal and provincial taxes, but some goods and services which are exempt from the federal GST/HST are not exempt at the provincial level and therefore subject to PST/RST/QST.

Do I charge GST as a contractor?

Contractors, by contrast, must generally pay their own income tax, and have to register for and pay GST (if they earn over $75,000 annually from their business). Superannuation entitlements: Employees are entitled to a minimum 9.5% superannuation guarantee contribution from their employer.

Do independent contractors charge HST?

You do not charge or collect GST or HST on your income. You are subject to tax on most employment benefits. As an independent contractor you generally will not receive such benefits. Not surprisingly, the CRA will often take the position that you are really an employee.

How do I file a PST file?

File PST Returns by mail:Complete the PST Return form received by mail;Make cheque payable to the Minister of Finance; and.Forward completed form along with payment to: PO Box 200. Regina SK S4P 2Z6.

How do you close a PST account?

Use this form if you are requesting to close your provincial sales tax (PST) account. You must collect PST on taxable sales and leases until the effective date of your closure as set out in your letter of closure. You must file all returns, remittances and pay all balances owing.

What items are exempt from PST?

PST ExemptionsFood for human consumption (e.g. basic groceries and prepared food such as restaurant meals)Books, newspapers and magazines.Children-sized clothing.Bicycles.Prescription medications and household medical aids such as cough syrup and pain medications.

What does PST apply to in Manitoba?

If you own a retail business in the province of British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan, Quebec or Manitoba, you must charge provincial sales tax (PST) on all items sold⁠, unless exempt⁠, in addition to the federal goods and services tax (GST.

What is TPP sales tax?

[i] Under section 1 of the Ontario Retail Sales Tax Act, for example, TPP is defined to be personal property that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt or touched or that is in any way perceptible to the senses and includes computer programs, natural gas and manufactured gas.

How do I get a PST number?

Registering online through eTaxBC is the fastest way to get your PST number. Register now if you are a new user.

What is a PST clearance letter?

A contract clearance ensures the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) has been accounted for correctly before a contract is finalized.

How do you pay for PST?

Reporting and paying tax means filing a tax return and paying the government the tax you charged on your sales and PST you owe on the purchases you made to run your business….Report and Pay OptionsOnline using eTaxBC.Through your bank.At a government office.By mail or courier.

Do I have to collect PST?

Yes, you must pay PST on all goods you acquire for business or personal use, unless a specific exemption applies (e.g. goods purchased for resale). Generally, you pay PST when you purchase or lease taxable goods from your supplier. If your supplier does not charge you PST, you must self-assess the PST due.

Do Province customers charge PST to customers?

What rate to charge to out of province/territory customers and foreign customers? When you sell goods or services to a customer that lives out of province/territory you will charge tax that applies in your customer’s province/territory. If your customer is out of the country then there is no PST to be charged at all.

Is there PST on fuel in BC?

Note: The federal goods and services tax (GST) is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price of the fuel. Any applicable carbon tax and/or motor fuel tax is included in the purchase price for the purposes of calculating GST. PST is not included in the purchase price for the purposes of calculating GST.