Question: What Companies Use Zuora?

Who uses zuora?

20 companies reportedly use Zuora in their tech stacks, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and SendGrid.Salesforce.Zendesk.SendGrid.The Guardian.Docusign.Box.Atrium.ADEXT..

How many employees does zuora?

1,221 employeesZuora has 1,221 employees and is ranked 4th among it’s top 10 competitors.

What is zuora for Salesforce?

Zuora provides a complete on-demand platform for pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments and renewals, including a set of native products, Z-Force, built specifically for customers, ISVs and developers.

Is zuora a public company?

On 12 April 2018, Zuora listed in NYSE under the ticker symbol ZUO. The company generated $154 million in the offering, and entered the market as a public company at a $1.4 billion valuation.

Will zuora be acquired?

Zuora will add value to Salesforce’s cloud-based software services: … The founder & CEO of Zuoro, Mr. Tien Tzuo, got the idea to build Zuora by conducting market research among Salesforce customers.

Who are zuora’s competitors?

Top Alternatives to ZuoraStripe Billing.Aria Systems.Chargebee.Chargify.SaaSoptics.2Checkout.Recurly.Salesforce Billing.

Does Zoom use zuora?

The Zuora chat app for Zoom allows you to receive notifications relating to billing, payment, and financial transactions directly on your Zoom Chat client. Available event notifications: Debit memo posted: URL.

Is zuora built on Salesforce?

Zuora is built from the ground up by SaaS industry visionaries and veterans from, WebEx, Accenture, Postini (now Google), and Oracle. The company is based in Redwood City, California. To learn more about Zuora, please visit

What is zuora billing?

Zuora Billing is the world’s first recurring billing system software designed for subscription businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are a small company just starting with a subscription model, or a multi-national enterprise with hundreds of products with complex recurring and usage-based pricing.

Is zuora a good company?

Really good company to work for with a lot of great people and one of the best cultures I have worked in. I would recommend Zuora to just about anyone looking for opportunity and an enjoyable place to work. Excellent management and people. Creative approach to software.

What is zuora RevPro?

Zuora Revenue, powered by RevPro is the world’s leading revenue automation solution. … Zuora Revenue is designed to automate revenue recognition for any event and any business model.

What is zuora 360?

Using Zuora 360, you can send account, subscription, invoice, and product catalog data from Zuora to Salesforce. This provides a 360-degree view of customer account, subscription, billing, and payment information that you can incorporate into your Salesforce applications.

How do I manage renewals in Salesforce?

To renew contracts from your account, go to your account’s Contracts related list, select all the contracts to renew, and then click Renew Contracts. Salesforce CPQ asks you to pick a master contract. The renewal quote inherits its end date from the master contract’s end date.

Is Zuo a buy?

(ZUO) – Zacks….(Delayed Data from NYSE)Zacks RankDefinitionAnnualized Return1Strong Buy24.53%2Buy17.99%3Hold9.63%4Sell5.14%2 more rows