Question: What Does TLC Stand For In Drugs?

What does TLC mean in food?

Therapeutic Lifestyle ChangesThe TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet was created by the National Institute of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program with the goal of cutting cholesterol as part of a heart-healthy eating regimen..

What does TLC stand for?

tender loving careWhen a loved one needs TLC, you bring over soup and offer a lot of free hugs. In real estate, the well-known three letters that stand for “tender loving care” translate a little differently.

What does TLC stand for in real estate?

Tender loving careYes, TLC. Tender loving care. The ubiquitous code words favored by brokers to describe homes needing, um, work. While most brokers cannot recall when they started using the phrase, they sprinkle it liberally in advertisements for properties.

What is TLC infection?

Total leucocyte count (TLC) or white blood cell count measures the number of leucocytes in the body. The differential leucocyte count (DLC) measures the percentage of each type of WBC present in the blood. A differential count also can detect immature WBCs and abnormalities.

What is the company TLC?

Founded in 1985, The TLC Companies is the largest and most trusted transportation specific Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the United States. Today, The TLC Companies partners with over 500 clients representing worksites ranging in size from 1 to over 900 employees.

What happen if TLC is high?

A high white blood cell count isn’t a specific disease in itself, but it can indicate an underlying problem, such as infection, stress, inflammation, trauma, allergy, or certain diseases. That’s why a high white blood cell count usually requires further investigation.

Why is TLC high?

A high white blood cell count usually indicates: An increased production of white blood cells to fight an infection. A reaction to a drug that increases white blood cell production. A disease of bone marrow, causing abnormally high production of white blood cells.

How can I prevent TLC infection?

White blood cells or leukocytes help fight infections….To lower your high white blood cell count, you should include the following in your diet:Vitamin C. … Antioxidants. … Omega-3 Fatty Acids. … Avoid foods rich in sugar, fat and salt.

What does tender love and care mean?

Compassionate, caring, protective attention or treatment. Sometimes abbreviated to TLC, especially when using the term more jocularly or lightheartedly.

What does TLC mean sexually?

Tender Love And Care (TLC)…

What is on TLC now?

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What does TLC mean in school?

Teacher Leadership and CompensationTeacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System | Iowa Department of Education.