Question: What Is The Best Shark Bait?

Is Stingray good shark bait?

Each wing of a stingray makes great bait, and so does the center piece.

Not only are there a ton of these at the right time of the year, but sharks love them.

This is a good bait to put out whole for a monster..

What size hooks for sharks?

Perfect for sharks on the flats or surf casting off the beach. When fishing this size range i still like 2x-3x strong style hooks, no light wire nonsense. For 8ft sharks and over: 16/0-20/0 sized hook. This is the size range you will generally fish when you are targeting large hammerheads, bulls and tigers.

What is the best time to catch sharks?

Shark season runs from December to March in the Southern Hemisphere and June to September in the Northern Hemisphere. While the great white shark can spawn at any time during the day, the other three will only appear between 4pm and 9am, so try to stick to night fishing if you want one.

What to do if you accidentally catch a shark?

Handling Your CatchLeave fish in the water if possible. … If possible, keep the fish from thrashing without using a net. … Lay the fish horizontally.Do not place on a hot surface, place on a wet towel if possible.Use a wet rag or glove, or wet hands before handling fish.Cover the fish’s eyes to calm it.More items…