Question: What Is The Trick To Confirm Train Ticket?

Will my PNR confirm?

If you check your PNR Status online, then it would inform you about the following: Current status – PNR Status will be CNF, if your ticket is confirmed.

It will be WL, if your ticket is on the Waiting List.

It will be RAC, if your ticket has Reservation Against Cancellation..

What are the chances of confirmation of railway ticket?

BACKPNR/Seat PredictionBelow are some notations we use to show seat prediction while checking AvailabilityWL 10Current W/L of 10 and excellent confirmation chances of more than 80%.WL 21Current W/L of 21 and average or minor confirmation chances between 70% to 30%.7 more rows

Will WL 10 get confirmed?

Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who else with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.

How many WL tickets get confirmed?

For example if the status is GNWL 4 / WL 3 , then this means that you have a waiting list of 3 (the latter number) and your ticket will get confirmed only if 3 passengers who have booked before you for the same journey happen to cancel their journey.

What is CNF probability?

Called “CNF Probability”, the feature enables individuals to view the chances of confirmation or reservation against cancellation (RAC) of wait-listed tickets while making bookings for train tickets through IRCTC.

Will WL 14 get confirmed?

here your waiting status is in RLWL. which has less chances of confirmation than GNWL. but you can book ticket with high confirmation chances at 8th may from parasnath to kazipet. you will get waiting list GNWL which has very high confirmation chances or you will get RAC berth.

How do I confirm my RAC confirmation?

Press 1 for PNR status which will then prompt you to enter your 10-digit PNR number. Apart from the PNR status, you can also check the arrival or departure of the train, accommodation and fare enquiry. RAC ticket gets confirmed after the chart preparation when the full-berth can be allocated to a passenger.

How can I confirm my train ticket?

Go to the India Rail Info website and sign up. Go to the PNR Forum tab. Enter your PNR (passenger reservation number) where specified and click on “Post PNR for Prediction/Analysis”. It will automatically retrieve the details of your booking and post them on the forum.

Which ticket is confirmed first?

In the computerised Passenger Reservation System (PRS), confirmed berths/seats are allotted on first come first served basis till the availability and thereafter Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)/Waiting List tickets are issued.

What is confirm ticket?

Get confirm IRCTC railway tickets on ConfirmTkt. … Confirmtkt is India’s leading website for checking train seat PNR status, e rail ticket availability and IRCTC ticket booking status. We will ensure that travelling on waitlisted tickets becomes history for you!

Which is better RAC or WL?

so RAC IS BETTER. WL is acronym for Wait List and RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation. If you have a WL ticket booked online then you cannot travel on that ticket because it automatically gets cancelled unless your ticket has been upgraded to RAC or Confirmed.