Question: Which LS Motors Have Cathedral Ports?

Are all LS exhaust ports the same?

All LS engines have the same exhaust port spacing and can use the same headers..

Are LS 317 heads any good?

317 are the same as the 243/799 head but with a larger combustion chamber as you have noted. So it flows fine. But for a street car, I’d want to bump the compression. If you are running boost… the 317 untouched would be a good head.

Which LS engine is the best?

What engine is best for an LS swap? In short, the best engine for your LS or Vortec swap is the one you can afford. Sure, we would all love a shiny new LS3 crate engine from Chevrolet Performance or a rebuilt 5.3L long-block from Summit Racing, but once we crunch the numbers that’s not always possible.

Which LS engine is the most powerful?

LS7In stock form, an LS7 makes 505 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque making it the most powerful naturally aspirated engine that General Motors has ever put in a production car.

Are LS 317 heads Cathedral Port?

For those unfamiliar with the terms, they refer to the shape of the ports in the most popular LS head configurations. Cathedral port heads came on the original (Gen III) LS1, but were also used on the performance-oriented LS2 and LS6 versions. … However, the LS3 heads flowed a whopping 317 cfm.

Can you put ls7 heads on a ls1?

Yes they are not designed to mate to a Ls1 block, neither are the L92, LSXr head or the C5r head.

What LS engines have cathedral port heads?

Unlike the LS1, LS6 and LS2 heads that feature the tall, skinny cathedral intake ports, the LS3, LS9, L92 and LS7 heads feature a conventional rectangular shaped intake port style. Intake port dimensions also vary between the two head versions.

Are 243 heads Cathedral Port?

Essentially a 243 head with different casting numbers, the 799/243 heads are considered to be the top of the line, factory, cathedral-port offerings. Tested on a flow bench, the 799 head offered right at 249 cfm at . 700 lift on the intake and 191 cfm on the exhaust.

Why is the LS engine so good?

1. Size/Weight of LS engines. … The main reason that they’re such a compact V8 engine is because of their “old-school” pushrod design, as well as all of the modern designs they used when designing the engine block. The push-rod design that they continue to use is unlike almost all modern engines that have overhead cams.

What is the difference between a Vortec and LS engine?

The Vortec truck harness has a large portion up on top of the intake manifold, is supported by it, and is covered or hidden by the plastic engine cover. The LS engine harness is configured much differently and the intake manifold is exposed and uses valve covers to dress up the engine.

Will ls7 heads fit ls2?

The LS7 heads and intake will work on a sleeved LS2 as long as you use the LS7 style pistons, due to the different valve angle.

Are all LS heads aluminum?

2. The attractive thing about used 4.8/5.3L iron-block truck engines is their dirt-cheap availability. … All LS passenger-car blocks are aluminum and most truck powerplants use an iron block, although there are several exceptions with aluminum truck blocks.

What does LS stand for on a Chevy motor?

Luxury SportLS was Luxury Sport and LT was Luxury Touring. LS used to be the high-end (save SS) model back in the ’80s with the CL (Custom Luxury) package.

What did 243 LS heads come on?

LS Head Castings The 243 head came on the more powerful LS6 engine from 2001 to 2006, and was used in C5 Corvettes. Later engines like the truck-spec LQ9 and LQ4 used the exact same port design as the LS6’s 243 heads, but had 6 cc larger combustion chambers.

Are 799 and 243 heads the same?

799 heads and ls2 243 heads are the same thing same combustion chambers same exhaust ports D shape Identical if you are look at them that is a good deal 200 assemble!! but I got mines for 80 assemble a lot of people don’t know about 799 heads that’s why you can find them cheap but they are as good as the 243 heads!!

What year LS motor is the best?

Best LS EnginesLS9/LSA: Made for the 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1, the LS9 is a supercharged 6.2L engine rated at 638 horsepower — the most powerful of all small blocks. … LS1: This is the one that started it all! … LS7: Introduced in 2005, the LS7 sported 427 cubic inches, making it the largest small block ever.More items…•

Which LS engine is the fastest?

: Speed DemonUpdate from the salt: Speed Demon is still the world’s fastest LS engine and the team is looking to step that up even further! The Speed Demon team went to Speed Week 2018 with two main goals: claim the E/BGS record and bring home the HOT ROD trophy given to the fastest single pass of Speed Week.

Is the l33 a good motor?

The L33 is a great motor; it would be nice not to have to mess with the intake. You’ll likely encounter the standard accessory drive issues as with most LS1 to truck intake swap’s.