Quick Answer: Do Smart Shopper Points Ever Expire?

How can I check my PNP smart shopper points?

Log in and click on the Smart Shopper block on the right-hand side of the screen to see your points balance.

You can also view your points on the Pick n Pay mobile app for Android or iPhone, at the in-store kiosk, or by contacting the Customer Care Line on 0860 30 30 30..

What can I do with my smart shopper points?

SPEND POINTS Switch to cash back on your Smart Shopper card to spend on anything at Pick n Pay. Switch and spend your points.

What is smart shopper Pick n Pay?

It is free to sign up for a Pick n Pat Smart Shopper account which customers can use to earn and spend points on a variety of deals. … Pick n Pay allows users to spend these points on any item in-store, swap them out for other partner rewards and even donate them to charity.

Can I withdraw money from my Fundi card at Pick n Pay?

FUNDI. Use your FundiCard at any Pick n Pay to buy food or withdraw cash hassle-free at the till.

How much is PNP smart shopper points worth?

Spend your points at Pick n Pay stores Smart Shoppers can switch their points to cash that can be spent at Pick n Pay stores. Every 100 points gets you R1. If you spent R100 at Pick n Pay using your Smart Shopper card, you would get 50 points. These points would be worth 50c if you convert them to cash.

How can I convert PNP to smart shopper points?

Open up the Smart Shopper block on the right-hand side of the screen, and click on the option to switch points to rands on your card. You’ll also be able to switch points to partners or donate your points to charity.

How do I check my Pick n Pay balance?

How Can I Check My Balance?That’s easy – you’ll find your balance on your monthly statement.Dialling *120*2483*YOUR 16 digit Smart Shopper Card Number# (20c per enquiry)Ask at the till point.On the Pick n Pay app.Call 0861 555 995.

How do I activate my Pick n Pay card?

Activate the in-store Pick n Pay benefit by:Logging into multiply.co.za and entering your PnP Smart Shopper card number under ‘My Partner Rewards’ before you start shopping, or.SMS the word PnP, your ID number and your PnP Smart Shopper card number to 47214.More items…•

How do you earn smart shopper points?

Smart Shopper points are earned by, and awarded to, the Smart Shopper card holder at a rate of 10 (ten) Smart Shopper points for every 1 (one) litre of fuel purchased from participating BP service stations (subject to the Smart Shopper Programme Terms and Conditions).

Can I withdraw eWallet at Spar?

FNB has announced that consumers can now use their FNB eWallet to purchase goods and withdraw cash at participating owner-managed Spar stores in South Africa.

Can I withdraw money from Spar?

You can withdraw money sent to you via a SPAR Money Transfer at any Standard Bank ATM 24/7. Easy peasy!

How much is 1000 smart shopper points worth?

For every 1000 Smart Shopper points you earn, you are entitled to R5 cash back on your Smart Shopper card.

How much is 1000 Pick n Pay Points?

Pick n Pay on Twitter: “@LanaLeon273 Hi, 1000 points is R10 when converted to rand value http://t.co/K8Y2LkMiDf”

How much does PNP delivery cost?

Pick n Pay’s delivery fees range between R50 and R90, depending on which slots are available for delivery.

How do I replace my Pick n Pay smart shopper?

13 For all lost, stolen or defaced cards, contact your Customer Service Manager in-store for assistance, or the Pick n Pay Call Centre at 0800 11 22 88. You can instruct Pick n Pay to block/deactivate your lost, stolen or defaced card and request a new card.

How do I withdraw money from Pick n Pay?

00 for withdrawal.Dial *120*668#Enter your Mobile PINRemember to keep your PIN safe at all times!Choose Pay At Till then follow the steps to get a WiCode number (e.g. 8120013)Read out the WiCode Number to the cashier.We’ll send you an SMS to Confirm your purchase.

How do I activate Pick n Pay smart shopper?

To activate the benefit:Logging into multiply.co.za and entering your Smart Shopper card number under My Partner Rewards before you start shopping, or.Call our call centre on 0861 88 66 00.

How do I change my smart shopper details?

You can update some of your details on our website or via our mobile app for Android or iPhone. Additionally, you can contact the Smart Shopper Customer Care Line on 0860 30 30 30.