Quick Answer: What Does Express Purpose Mean?

How do you use the word express?

Express sentence examplesI cannot find words to express to you my displeasure.

At the time she had thought he was trying to express his love.

Meanwhile the desire to express myself grew.

Why speak, when words cannot express what one feels?More items….

How do you express yourself examples?

Be Unique! 20 Ways to Express YourselfPaint. Painting is a great way to let your thoughts out; you can create something that clearly connects with who you are and what you feel, or you can create something abstract yet just as meaningful.Write a story. … Create outfits. … Dance. … Play music. … Draw. … Speak to people. … Plan events.More items…•

What does express yourself mean?

: to say or show one’s thoughts and feelings He has a hard time expressing himself.

What is an express?

1a : directly, firmly, and explicitly stated my express orders. b : exact, precise. 2a : of a particular sort : specific for that express purpose. b : designed for or adapted to its purpose. 3a : traveling at high speed specifically : traveling with few or no stops along the way express train.

Why do words express different meanings?

Words can mean different things at different times. They come into existence to express thoughts by a group of people that share them, at a point in time, with a mean-ing that reflects their origin, use, and timeframe. … Originally, that word meant “worthy of awe”, as in “very inspiring”.

What type of word is express?

adjective. clearly indicated; distinctly stated; definite; explicit; plain: He defied my express command. special; definite: We have an express purpose in being here. direct or fast, especially making few or no intermediate stops: an express train; an express elevator.

What is the adjective for Express?

express. adjective. /ɪkˈsprɛs/ [only before noun] 1traveling very fast; operating very quickly an express bus/train express delivery services.

How do you express purpose in English?

How to express purposeAFFIRMATIVE to + infinitive.- He started drinking to forget. – I need a chair to sit down. NEGATIVE so as not to + infinitive.- I’ll take a taxi so as not to be late. – Take your shoes off so as not to wake them up. DIFFERENT SUBJECTS so that + subject + can.GENERAL PURPOSE (DEFINITIONS) for + -ing.

How do you express your emotions?

If you have an emotion that is making you feel uneasy, try following these steps:1)Stop for a minute, take a deep breath and connect with yourself. … 2) Identify your emotion. … 3) Accept and embrace your emotion, give yourself permission to feel it and express it. … 4) Express it in a healthy way:More items…•

What does express image mean?

The words “express image” mean an exact reproduction or representation. The Greek word was used to describe the stamp or impression made on coins or seals. Just as the impression was the exact image on the die, likewise Christ is the exact image of God’s “person” or essence. God’s essence is visible in Jesus Christ.

What does express approval mean?

Verb. To enthusiastically applaud or approve of. acclaim.

What will you call someone who express himself effectively?

An eloquent speaker expresses herself clearly and powerfully. Even though eloquent usually describes oral speech, it can also be used to describe powerful writing. Being eloquent is about using words well.

Whats the opposite of Express?

What is the opposite of express?vaguenonspecificunclearunspecificimpliedinexplicitobscureobscureduncertainambiguous60 more rows

What’s another word for expressing yourself?

What is another word for express oneself?talkspeakchattercommunicateprattlegabnatterarticulatebabblerap33 more rows

What is another name for Express?

Some common synonyms of express are air, broach, utter, vent, and voice.