What Are Obstruction Lights?

What are the red lights on top of buildings called?

Those lights are used to show obstacles that may interfere with the aircraft’s course, such as antennas, buildings, wind turbines, and they are mandatory.

The name of those lights is Aircraft Warning Lights, and here is an article from Wikipedia about them..

What do aircraft lights mean?

AeroSavvy On each wingtip you’ll see a red or green light. Red is always on the left wing tip, green on the right. … When we see a red and green light in the sky, we know another aircraft is heading towards us. The lights help us determine aircraft position and direction – thus the name position lights.

What color lights are used for obstruction lighting?

Obstruction lights (that are constantly illuminated) Red beacons/red strobes. High-intensity white (strobe) lights. Medium-intensity white (strobe) lights.

How is light obstructed?

A shadow is light blocked by an object. The object can block all or part of the light. Shadows change size based on how close they are to the light source.

What color do planes flash at night?

In addition to the flashing lights (beacon or strobe), all aircraft are required to have position lights illuminated. These are red (on the left wingtip), green (on the right wingtip), and white (on the tail) but they don’t flash.

Why do buildings have blinking lights?

Tall towers suck in birds at night, when they’re flying in darkness. Attracted and disoriented by the steady beams of light, migratory birds make them their target, only to die when they crash into the towers or get tangled in power lines. Blinking lights, on the other hand, don’t have the same attraction for birds.

Why do cranes have red lights?

Twinkling high in the cold December night air over central London can be seen a host of bright red lights, attached to tall cranes as a warning to passing aircraft. … Such lighting should be displayed at night and be visible from all directions”.

How tall can a tower be without lights?

According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), all structures exceeding 200 feet above ground level (AGL) must be appropriately marked with tower lights or tower paint. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission governs monitoring requirements for airport obstruction lights.

What is it called when light is blocked?

Light travels in straight lines. It cannot bend to travel around objects; if it did we could see around corners! When light is blocked by an object a dark area or shadow is formed. Page 3.

What is the purpose of obstruction lighting?

Obstruction Lights Obstructions are marked/lighted to warn airmen of their presence during daytime and nighttime conditions.

What materials can reflect light?

The best surfaces for reflecting light are very smooth, such as a glass mirror or polished metal, although almost all surfaces will reflect light to some degree. Reflection of Light When light waves are incident on a smooth, flat surface, they reflect away from the surface at the same angle as they arrive.

What happens when an object blocks light?

The light does not pass directly through the materials. It changes direction many times and is scattered as it passes through. Therefore, we cannot see clearly through them and objects on the other side of a translucent object appear fuzzy and unclear. Opaque objects block light from traveling through them.