What Are The Different Types Of Lug Nuts?

What are conical lug nuts?

A conical seat lug nut is sometimes called an “acorn” or a “tapered” lug nut.

This is the most common seat type.

They are available with 60° or 45° taper.

A 60° Conical Seat is the most common and is found on most aftermarket wheels..

Do lug nuts make a difference?

As wheel fasteners, they’re important parts of your vehicle because they keep the wheels attached to the hub. … Changing tires involves different types of lug nuts while stripped or damaged lug nuts can make removing the wheel a challenge so be sure you’re using the correct type for the wheel.

Can you use steel lug nuts on aluminum rims?

Normally, yes. Although, steel wheels are often centered with lugs/ lug nuts (conical shape), alloy wheels are hub-centering. Never use steel wheel lugs, on alloy wheels-it’s only going to cost you another $20 bucks, so get alloy lugs !!!

Who makes good lug nuts?

Editor’s Pick: Gorilla Automotive Lug Nuts They sport a 60° conical seat and each set includes 20 lug nuts. These lug nuts are our top pick due to their price and quality. They’re also a good fit for all sorts of vehicles, even if you don’t have a set of aftermarket wheels.

How do I know which lug nuts to use?

Choosing the right Lug Nuts for your vehicles requires you to know 3 things….Lug Nut SelectionThe Bolt Pattern,The Stud Size, and.The Seat Type.

What is a tuner style lug nut?

Tuner Nuts A tuner style lug nut features a conical seat with a 60 degree taper but a major differentiating feature is the requirement of a special key/tool to install and remove the nut. Tuner nuts are often much smaller in diameter than other styles of lug nuts.