Why Is Water Called A Compound And Not A Mixture Give Two Reasons?

Is steel a compound?

Steel is a mixture of iron and carbon fused together with one or more other metals or nonmetals.

Because steel is a mixture rather than a chemical compound, steel does not have a set chemical compound formula..

How can you prove water is a compound?

A compound forms whenever two or more atoms form chemical bonds with each other. The chemical formula for water is H2O, which means each molecule of water consists of one oxygen atom chemically bonded to two hydrogen atoms. Thus, water is a compound.

What Is water a compound or a mixture Why?

Atoms of water cannot be separated by the physical process. Hence, water is a compound because it can only be separated into hydrogen and oxygen atom by chemical reaction.

Is oxygen a compound or element?

Oxygen is a chemical element – a substance that contains only one type of atom. Its official chemical symbol is O, and its atomic number is 8, which means that an oxygen atom has eight protons in its nucleus. Oxygen is a gas at room temperature and has no colour, smell or taste. Oxygen is found naturally as a molecule.

Is Salt a mixture?

A pure substance consists of a single element or compound. Iron is formed only of iron (Fe) atoms; table salt is formed only by sodium chloride (NaCl) molecules. A mixture, however, is made up of different compounds and/or elements. When salt is added to water to make saltwater, it becomes a mixture.

Why air is a mixture?

Air contains oxygen and nitrogen as its major constituents of air. These gases retain their properties in air. So the air is called a mixture.

Is blood a mixture?

Blood is a mixture since it is made up of many different compounds and substances. Blood is a homogenous mixture since you cannot see the individual components and the components are uniformly distributed. Argon is a pure substance.

What is mixture mean?

In chemistry, a mixture is a material made up of two or more different substances which are physically combined. A mixture is the physical combination of two or more substances in which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of solutions, suspensions and colloids.

Why is water called a compound?

Water is a compound. It contains more than one element: hydrogen and oxygen atoms are joined together; as illustrated in the video clip Elements and Compounds, above. An important feature of compounds is that they are very different from the elements from which they are made.

Is water a compound or mixture give two reasons in support of your answer?

water is a compound not a mixture. justify this statement by giving two reasons. Accepted Answer: Water is a compound formed by hydrogen and oxygen.

Why is h2o a compound not a mixture explain any five reason in the support of your answer?

(1) Water is made up of 2 elements in a fixed ratio. (2) Its constituents can be separated only by chemical or electrochemical reactions. (3) Its formed by reaction between hydrogen & oxygen with a chemical bond. (4) Water has totally different properties from 2 elements.

Is water an atom or molecule?

A water molecule consists of three atoms; an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, which are bond together like little magnets. The atoms consist of matter that has a nucleus in the centre.